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Too skinny? You’re not alone.

I hear a lot of shocked responses when I tell people I work for a weight GAIN supplement. Most people ask some form of a question about if there is really a market for weight gain pills. I simply state, “Yea actually, you would be surprised. Our weight gain pill has helped hundreds of thousands of people to gain weight. I talk to people everyday who suffer from weak appetites and slow metabolisms.” Most people usually respond relating some known friend from when they were growing up or someone in their family that has always been so skinny and ate whatever they wanted but just couldn’t gain weight. It’s nice to bring this new perspective to curious people but my favorite part of working for CB-1 Weight Gainer is talking with the actual customers. I get to talk with these people who were called names on the play ground when they were young, I get to talk to these people who fear wearing shorts to show their skinny legs, I get to talk to these people who have tried numberless shakes and ways to gain weight with no avail and I get to tell them that there is a viable solution on the market that has proven to help people gain weight. It is rewarding to hear their escalated excitement when they find out that CB-1 can be the solution they have looked for their entire lives. SO if you have struggled being “too skinny” your entire life or even just recently, this article is to let you know… YOU’RE NOT ALONE. I am going to discuss the two main reasons why you are skinny and how CB-1 helps.

Fast metabolism

“I can eat and eat and eat AND EAT SOME MORE, but I just can’t gain weight.” Does this sound familiar? The worst part of this culprit of being skinny is the frequent insensitive comment that most people say to you, “You’re so lucky!” The victims of extremely fast metabolisms do not feel so lucky when it is this extremely fast metabolism that makes their legs so skinny that they can’t wear shorts or skirts and dread summer. CB-1 helps slow that metabolism by reducing thermogenesis (the amount of energy or calories wasted as heat). The CB-1 Weight Gain system also helps the fast metabolism with the CB-1 Weight Gain Shake. The CB-1 Weight Gain Shake contains a large sum of calories that make it hard to burn quickly. The chocolate drink mix contains several ingredients proven to increase body weight, from delicious, easy-to-consume calories, to high-quality whey protein, to micronized creatine monohydrate. The quantity of whey protein has been optimized for weight gain. Most formulas on the market have excessive amounts of protein that suppress appetite and impair weight gain. We also include a full 5 grams of micronized creatine monohydrate per serving. This means the creatine has been refined from the standard granules to a fine powder, drastically increasing the rate at which it dissolves and can be absorbed by the body. Not only has creatine been repeatedly proven to increase body weight on its own, it also speeds the rate at which muscle is gained in exercised body parts.

Lack of appetite

There are some men and women who just can’t seem to eat more than a couple bites of food. The cause of this can be so many things. I have talk to some who’ve experienced a loss in their family and this has caused the lack of appetite. There are some that have a very hectic schedules and their go-go-go lifestyle makes it hard for them to remember to eat or have the time to. Some lack of appetite can be the result of an illness or a recent medication and any persisting lack of appetite should be evaluated by a health care professional. CB-1 Weight Gainer has helped hundreds of thousands of people to overcome their weak appetite and start eating more by hitting the hunger switch in your brain to tell your body it needs more food. Every order also comes with a Weight Gain Guidebook that helps guide you in your weight gain journey. It helps you create an eating schedule and set caloric goals to help make a change in lifestyle that needs to happen to gain weight. CB-1’s Weight Gain Support Multivitamin will also help in the weight gain process. Weight gain is the process in which your body builds new body tissue, including new organ tissue, fat tissue, and muscle tissue. The food you eat provides the raw materials for building that new tissue, but dozens of vitamins and minerals are needed for the body’s processes that do the work of assembling those raw materials. Basically, your body needs lots of vitamins and minerals, in addition to calories, to support the weight gain process. The Supragenix Weight Gain Support Multi-Vitamin is formulated with an incredibly complete line-up of 32 different vitamins and minerals that support healthy weight gain. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron that are essential for a healthy appetite. We definitely recommend you take Weight Gain Support Multi-Vitamin along with CB-1.

CB-1 has thought of everything. The CB-1 Weight Gain system includes the Weight Gain Guidebook, The Weight Gain Shake, The Multivitamin and The CB-1 Weight Gain Pill. Using the system will help people with a fast metabolism and lack of appetite to finally gain weight. Remember, CB-1 is your partner and you are not alone.