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CB-1 Weight Gainer Creates A Four Part Weight Gain System Improving the Results of Its Weight Gain Pill

October 16, 2014

Each of the four product in the CB-1 Weight Gain System is designed to address common pitfalls that men or women may face when struggling with weight gain. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Adds New Weight Gain Support Multivitamin to their Collection of Weight Gain Products

December 10, 2013

New Supragenix Weight Gain Support Multivitamin provides 32 essential vitamins and minerals to support the demands of rapid weight gain. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Releases Third Commercial with More Testimonials and Reviews from Successful Weight Gain Customers

February 12, 2013

Weight gain pill commercial reaches new audiences with extended stories and reviews from successful CB-1 weight gainers. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Commercial Sparks Conversation in Social Media World about the Weight Gain Pills

December 11, 2012

The CB-1 Weight Gainer commercial has created a weight gain pill trend in social media. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Expands its Weight Gain Pill Commercial to New Networks after Initial Success

September 26, 2012

CB-1 Weight Gainer’s commercial is expanding to new and larger networks, after a successful response to the initial release of the weight gain pill ad. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Starts Shipping the Fast Weight Gain Pill to the United Kingdom

July 16, 2012

CB-1 Weight Gainer meets the high demand for its fast weight gain pill by offering direct shipping to the United Kingdom. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Customers Review the Product and Share their Stories of Fast Weight Gain

June 6, 2012

CB-1 Weight Gainer will launch a new ad campaign that will include a series of videos submitted by real CB-1 customers who successfully reached their weight gain goals and review the product. Read full release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Releases Nationwide Commercial to Spread the Word about its Effective Weight Gain Pill

May 9, 2012

Supragenix releases it's CB-1 Weight Gainer commercial this week that will show on television sets across the nation and spread their message that there is a safe and effective weight gain pill to help you gain weight fast. Tens of thousands of people have successfully gained weight with CB-1 Weight Gainer and word continues to spread about the success of this amazing weight gain supplement. Read full release.

Supragenix Adds New Ingredients to CB-1 Weight Gainer to Make it an Even More Effective Weight Gain Pill

March 28, 2012

CB-1 Weight Gainer, the most effective weight gain pill on the market, has a new formula that will go out to customers today. This new formula improves the pill’s already highly effective results in helping people gain weight fast. Read full release.

Supragenix Creates Program to Help Customers

February 9, 2012

Supragenix recently released their Weight Gain Success program to assist CB-1 Weight Gainer customers obtain optimal weight gain results. The initial launch of the program started in mid-January and the COO is pleased with both the success of the program and the success of CB-1 users. Read full release.

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