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Five Tips for Planning a Weight Gain Goal

Every year, many people choose a list of resolutions for the next year. Generally, these are habits they will try to do every day to accomplish by the following New Year. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are abandon and forgotten midyear. To help those who want to gain weight as their goal, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives five tips for planning (and sticking to) a weight gain goal.

First of all, get started on this weight gain goal by setting a date for goal accomplishment. Having a specific date in mind can make it much easier to stick true to the plan and make it happen. Put the weight gain goal on a calendar and keep the calendar in plain sight for that day so that it serves as a constant daily reminder of the goal.

Next, create small milestones to reach up until the final date. Many people abandon their goals because it seems just too big. By creating smaller milestones, the overall goal doesn’t seem as daunting. If a person wants to gain 30 pounds six months from now, they should set up milestones for 5 pounds each month. This goal is much easier to reach and can help keep the person on track for reaching their overall goal.

The third tip is to set up physical reminders of the goal where they can be seen daily. Find pictures of desired clothes and tape them up on the bedroom wall or try pinning delicious high-calorie meals to try on a Pinterest profile. Having new things to try or look forward to can keep a goal in place and make it fun to reach.

Another important piece of advice is to start telling people about the goal. Getting friends, family and the right support system involved in weight gain success can help keep the person accountable and also gives them a group of people to rely on for support. CB-1 Weight Gainer is the perfect support system with the Weight Gain Guidebook and 24/7 customer service to help you along the way.

The final tip is to stay committed. Even with the help of friends, family and CB-1 Weight Gainer, or the help of physical reminders, the only person that can turn those weight gain goals into reality is the person who set them in the first place.

Don’t lose sight of the desired outcome; start today, create a plan, put it in plain sight and get the right help so that every day successfully completing the goal t is at the forefront of all thoughts and is the driving force behind the day.