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Five Tips to Gaining Weight Successfully

For almost every subject that one can imagine, there is a hack or reference to be found in one way or another to learn how to progress in that subject; whether it’s a coach, a class, or a health training program. However, one real dilemma that has yet to be addressed is how to gain weight successfully. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking to gain weight and to help them learn how to reach their goals, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives 5 tips to gaining weight successfully.

  1. Find a Good Supplement
  2. Despite the dozens of protein supplements out on the market, there has never been a product that can help slow metabolism while increasing appetite at the same time. CB-1 Weight Gainer was clinically designed, tested and proven to do exactly what a body needs to maximize calorie intake and hold onto those calories. With a weight gain supplement like CB-1 that is proven for effectiveness, 1-2 pounds a week is a typical and pleasant result.

  3. Calories Equals Success
  4. The secret to weight management and weight gain has always been calories. Calories are the building blocks of body mass, so maximizing on calorie intake can help produce the best results. CB-1 Weight Gainer suggests focusing on three large meals each day with snacks in between. Try adding extra salad dressing or condiments with meals, going back for seconds or even thirds, and finding high calorie substitutes in favorite dishes. Breads and cheeses are easy additions to any meal to provide extra calories.

  5. Work Smarter, Not Harder
  6. Many people believe that exercise is counter-productive for someone who wants to gain weight but maintaining health is important in any dieting changes. Unless the goal is specifically to gain muscle, try to avoid high cardio, intense workouts that focus on burning calories. Instead, try to look for low-impact classes that offer the flexibility to work at one’s own pace like yoga or stretch training to help tone muscle but not burn too many calories.

  7. Plan Out Snacks and Meals
  8. Make a meal plan including meals and snacks and then have extra food available throughout the day. Use snacks that can help boost caloric intake like power bars, high calorie snacks, or a delightful blended shake like CB-1 Weight Gainer’s delicious chocolate shake. The Supragenix Weight Gain Shake adds an additional 510 calories when blended with whole milk. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding a banana or peanut butter to the chocolaty marshmallow flavor. Extra add-ins means more calories!

  9. Take a Vitamin
  10. Finally, we recommend adding a multivitamin to daily regimen for successful weight gain. Many times it is found that the inability to gain weight comes from a loss of appetite caused by nutrient deficiency. Taking a multivitamin helps ensure that all the right vitamins and minerals are available in the body for gaining weight. CB-1 Weight Gainer offers a specifically formulated multivitamin developed to meet the needs of one’s body for successful weight gain. Taking the Weight Support Multivitamin every day with CB-1 can result in faster and more effective weight gain results.