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Four Tips for Weight Gain Over the Holidays

With parties and food constantly available, the holidays are a great time to gain weight. These four tips for weight gain can help a person optimize the holiday opportunities.

Snack Throughout the Day
Gaining weight is all about eating more calories than the body burns. For this reason it is important to eat often. This allows the body consume more calories throughout the day. Taking CB-1 Weight Gainer before each meal will ensure an appetite that's needed to snack and eat often. With the holiday season in full swing, food is readily available. Neighbors dropping off treats, leftovers in the break room, colleagues bringing gifts, and even appetizers on the table before the big meal. It’s obvious that during the holiday season a person wanting to gain weight has the calories readily available and they should snack on these foods throughout the day to meet their goal. Some good food choices include the CB-1 Weight Gain Shake, fruit, cereal, toast, energy bars, granola bars, candy bars, a sandwich, nuts, seeds, yogurt, juice and whole milk.

Go Back for Seconds or Even Thirds
To maximize the calories consumed, a person trying to gain weight should go back for more after the first plate of food. This may seem like a daunting task when you're filled up with so many appetizers and snacking throughout the day. This is when an appetite stimulant can come in handy. CB-1 Weight Gainer can help a person increase their appetite and be able to eat that second or third helping.

Remember the Dessert
Dessert is another great opportunity to get the extra calories needed to gain weight. After filling up on the multiple helpings of the regular meal, most people can usually make room for dessert. That’s because desserts are typically easy to consume carbohydrates. A person trying to gain weight should take dessert as another opportunity to consume more calories.

Exercise Appropriately
When physically active, a person typically burns calories the body could otherwise store as body weight. The more active a person is, the harder it will be to gain weight. If a person does lots of cardio (e.g. running, cycling, swimming) or is constantly on the go during the busy holiday season, they should try to cut back on the frequency and duration of activity. It’s great for health to be active, but too much activity will cause a person trying to gain weight to burn the important calories that would have helped them to gain weight. If a person trying to gain weight does plan on doing exercise, they should target the specific muscle groups where they want to gain size.

Keeping these four weight gaining tips in mind during the holiday season can really help a person trying to gain weight get the calories they need to make great strides towards their weight gain goals.