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Four Tips on How to Gain Weight Fast

For thousands of people around the world, weight gain is a very real struggle. Being underweight can lead to bullying, a lack of self-confidence, and can also lead to health complications such as malnourishment or a compromised immune system. To help provide a swift solution before these problems are experienced, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives four tips on how to gain weight fast.

Eat high-calorie foods
Weight gain starts from a very simple component: calories. Calories are the deciding factor in all aspects of weight management from weight gain to weight loss or simply maintaining weight. When trying to put on a few extra pounds, one should focus on eating high-calorie foods to make sure the body has all the calories it needs to start putting on weight. Some high-calorie ideas for meals could include pecans, beef, halibut, bacon, milk, cheese, pasta, or avocado. Don’t forget to have a delicious desert, such as a slice of cherry pie or chocolate cake!

Eat bigger portions, more often
While it’s certainly important to eat high-calorie foods, a single meal won’t add enough calories for substantial weight gain. Calories are used as fuel and the body is in constant need of this energy source. To keep up with the body’s demands, it’s important to eat several high-calorie meals throughout the day with snacks in between. Fill a plate with more than would normally be eaten and stop when feeling full. Save the leftovers as a snack while waiting for the next meal, so those calories don’t go to waste. This helps make sure that every meal is maximized to consume the most amount of calories. Besides, who doesn’t like leftovers?

Resistance exercises
Many people believe that exercises are only used to help lose weight. This thought process often leads to a lack of successful gains. While cardio exercises such as running or cycling tend to burn off a lot of calories, resistance exercises can be a great way to build weight and body mass. Resistance trainings are exercises that use weights or gravity to stress the different muscle groups of the body. This promotes weight and mass gain in those areas, giving people the opportunity to add weight in the right places. Try adding some at-home resistance exercises to the daily routine to help see the most effective results.

Slow down metabolism
The rate at which one’s body burns off calories is known as the metabolism. For those with a fast metabolism, their bodies burn off calories so quickly that it is hard to gain weight. If this is a known obstacle in the weight gain journey, it is recommended to find a safe and natural way to slow down the metabolism. Specially formulated products, such as CB-1 Weight Gainer, can aid in this process and make it easier to keep more calories in the body which results in fast and effective weight gain. Trying to gain weight while ignoring the metabolism will often yield minimal, unmaintainable results.

To see the best and fastest weight gain results, it is important to utilize all of these tips together. High-calorie meals, combined with resistance exercises and slowing down the metabolism is a perfect recipe for weight gain success!