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Four Food Tips to Optimize Fast Weight Gain

Food is key in gaining weight since it supplies the calories your body needs to store up. A person trying to gain weight needs to take in more calories than the body burns. These four food tips should help a person consume more calories in the weight gain process.

Don’t Focus too Much on Proteins

One of the biggest mistakes made when trying to gain weight is focusing too much on eating proteins and not enough on calorie count. The problem with proteins is they are the most filling type of calorie. It fills you up quickly, digests slowly and reduces hunger. So a high-protein diet can directly oppose weight gain efforts by reducing appetite and not getting enough calories in the long run. Don’t focus too much on protein and try to focus on getting enough calories. When choosing a protein shake to help provide calories, choose one with a specialized quantity of whey protein to optimize weight gain and not interfere with appetite.

Choose Drinks with Calories

Stomach space is limited, so it’s important to fill it with calories when possible. Drink beverages that contain a lot of calories such as fruit juice, whole milk, chocolate milk, ice cream shakes, fruit smoothies, soda, and sports beverages. Have a large glass with each meal and throughout the day.

Eat Healthy Foods High in Calories

Eat healthy foods that are considered high in calories. When people say “high-calorie foods” they mean foods high in fat and carbohydrates like nuts and nut butters, snack foods like potato and vegetable chips, and foods containing fructose such as fruit juice. All these foods can be considered “healthy” if they’re made with healthy ingredients. Plus, they are helpful in promoting weight gain. Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese because they consume too many foods like these that promote weight gain. This is something normally avoided. But, for those who are struggling to gain weight, foods like these that are easy-to-consume and high in calories may be exactly what’s needed. CB-1 Weight Gainer can also help increase the amount of healthy foods you eat by increasing appetite.

Make Carbohydrates the Foundation of Diet

Carbohydrates should serve as the foundation of a weight-gain diet because they are the least filling type of calorie. At Thanksgiving dinner for example, another slice of turkey doesn’t sound appealing, but there always seems to be enough room for a carb-rich dessert, such as a slice of apple pie. People can eat more calories in the form of carbohydrates before feeling full than any other type of food, so a weight gain diet should include large amounts at each meal.