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Hints to remember to take your CB-1 Weight Gainer

Remember to take your CB-1 Weight Gainer

For CB-1 to be most effective in helping you gain weight it is important to remember to take it at the right time three times a day! So, when is that right time? 30-60 minutes before every meal up to three times a day. Doing so will allow the CB-1 Weight Gainer to enter your system by the time you sit down to eat and allow you to eat more and more often. Here are a few things you can do to remind yourself to take your CB-1 Capsules:

Set an Alarm

You can set an alarm on your alarm clock, cell phone, watch or even place a reminder on your event calendar on the computer to go off 30-60 minutes before each meal time. Just have it pop up and say, “Take your CB-1!”

Make a Calendar

As mentioned before you can use an electronic planner to have digital reminders sent to you at the time you need to take your CB-1 Weight Gainer. You can also write out your CB-1 weight Gainer schedule in a personal planner and check off the task of taking your pills every time you take your dose. A calendar may also help you plan high calorie meals that will help optimize your weight gain success.

Make it a habit

Take CB-1 Weight Gainer at the same time every day and soon enough taking your pills will become an innate habit.

Keep a supply in separate areas

If you are enrolled in the Success Program you can place your extra bottle in your purse/backpack/ office desk to have on hand while you are out and about. Keep your other bottle at home in your kitchen. If not in the Success Program you can split the one bottle you have apart and place them in separate places (keep in mind the recommended storing conditions).

Sticky Notes

While this might sound rudimentary, it has always helped me to remember to take my medicine when I place a sticky note in commonly seen places. My bathroom mirror sticky note, for example, reminds me to take my pills in the morning before I eat breakfast. There are also non-conventional sticky notes like placing a message on your computer screen saver. You can place a sticky note on your computer screen, at your desk, next to your phone charger, next to your make up drawer; the list goes on and on. Just be sure to put it in a high traffic location and switch it up now and then so you don’t get accustomed to seeing it and not notice it.

Use Distinct Jewelry

This is an odd one, but one that is very effective for many people. Some people use a rubber band and write a message on it. You can get a very peculiar piece of jewelry that people will be prone to comment about that will remind you to take your CB-1.

SMS Alerts

This one may be new to you, but if you are big texter it can pretty effective. There are online SMS alert programs you can set up to send you reminders any time you choose.

Reminder Friend

Enlist a friend to help you remember to take your pills. This friend can check up on you and make you accountable of taking your medicine. This person can also be your support partner and help point out the noticeable weight gain.

Gaining weight may be something you have had trouble doing your whole life. Keep in mind that CB-1 Weight Gainer has helped thousands of people just like you to reach their weight gain goal. Just remember to take it according the recommended dosage and you should see the numbers on the scale grow.