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How to Bulk Up: 6 Little-Known Tactics for Bulking Up

How to Bulk Up: 6 Little-Known Tactics for Bulking Up

Are you scrawny and looking to put some extra meat on your bones? Or are you built and looking to just add on that extra slab of muscle? Either way, bulking up can sometimes be harder than originally anticipated. Many men (and women) aspiring to get fit will often try and fail because they don’t know some of the tricks of the trade to make sure you’re doing things right. With these six overlooked tactics, you can ensure that you develop the body that you’re looking for!

1. Get a daily routine going and STICK WITH IT!

One of the biggest pitfalls that many exercisers will make that eventually leads to their failure is having a weak work-out routine. If you’re only hitting the gym or exercising a few days a week, it’s too simple to turn one day off into several days off, then a week off, and eventually stopping. Make sure to turn your work-out routine into a daily habit, even if you can only make it for a half hour each day. By doing this, you form a schedule that’s much harder to break. After the first month or two once you’ve secured your work-out habit and you’re able to stick with it, kicking back to working out three or four times a week at a longer time frame wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Be careful not to let a small “vacation” from working out get in the way of your desire to bulk up. It’s ok to take a few days of break once you get your routine in place, but during the first 30-60 days when you’re still trying to concrete your habits, make sure that a vacation from bulking up doesn’t turn into a termination from bulking up.

2. Patience is key, don't give up!

Let’s face it you aren’t going to see results overnight. In fact, you probably won’t see results in the first week and by the first month; your changes might not be that significant at all. But make sure that you don’t make the mistake that so many others do; don’t be impatient! Remember that you have the rest of your life to be fit; it doesn’t have to happen tomorrow. Take things slow at first so that you can make sure to develop the daily habit: Lift less than you know you can, run less than you know you’re able to and leave feeling good. Once you get comfortable, the rest will come naturally and you’ll feel great as you start building up your body.

3. Rest and work are equally important

Another trap that can discourage many bodybuilders is forgetting this simple tip. Many believe that if a heavy, intense workout feels good and builds muscle quickly, then constantly doing this will build even MORE. Muscle is created when exercise and strain breaks down the current muscle and recovers during rest as new, stronger muscle. If you aren’t giving your body sufficient enough time to recover, your muscles won’t be able to develop the way you want them to. Make sure to give yourself some rest between workouts, as well as a good amount of time between sessions so your body has plenty of time to recuperate.

4. Longer doesn't necessarily mean more

If you hit a plateau in your workout routine and you can’t quite seem to put on that extra pound or that extra block of muscle yet, you might be looking at making some changes in your workout routine. Most builders will shoot for longer sessions, turning a 30-60 minute workout into a two hour workout thinking that working out longer will certainly solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pushing harder and increasing the intensity of your workout will take you much farther than an extra hour at the machines. Add some extra weight, push for those extra reps, and when you think you can’t lift a single more time make sure you do one more.

5. Stay focused, keep your mind on your muscles

Don’t become an exercise zombie. Once you get into the routine, it’s all too easy to let your mind wander and lose focus on what you’re actually doing. If you pay close attention to your body while you’re busting down on the weights, your results will be significantly better. It might seem confusing, but once you’ve developed your ideal body you’ll find yourself able to literally direct your muscles the way you want.

6. Keep an eye out for everyday opportunities

It’s clear that exercise machines and everything else found in a gym is sure to get you bulked up, but remember that simple daily activities are also great ways to easily develop muscles. Simple efforts such as taking the stairs rather than an elevator, or riding a bike instead of driving can make a world of difference over time. Make sure not to miss out on the hundreds of opportunities that will present themselves to you to bulk up!