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How to Gain Weight Fast for Women

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Most Women Just Want Curves

Unless a gal is getting paid to walk a runway or posing for Vogue, she’s most likely not happy with her ultra-thin appearance. Women who struggle with a heavy figure may think this is absurd but they need to understand that skinny women just want some type of curves. We have heard the skinny girls’ weight gain pleas day in and day out, these women who suffer from an extremely fast metabolism are sick of not feeling sexy and living in what they call their “pre-pubescent girlish bodies”. They look around them and feel envy for the women with curves, while the women with curves look at them and tell them how lucky they are to be able to eat whatever they want. The percentage of women who struggle to put on the pounds (gain weight) may be small in comparison to women who want to lose the pounds, but the former is the one who has fewer options to solve their problem. The great news is that there are some truly effective solutions for getting a little thicker. So, let's talk about how to gain weight fast for women.

Eat High Calorie Foods

The reason you have always had a hard time gaining weight as a woman is because your body burns off calories faster than you can take them in. This could be because of a fast metabolism or even a lack of appetite. The key to figuring out how to gain weight fast is to eat more calories than you are burning. While you are trying to gain weight, be sure to not fill yourself up on foods that are filling and low in calories. Fill your stomach with high calorie foods that are less filling so you can eat more calories all together. Carbohydrates are a great option for gaining weight since these foods are generally high in calories. There are even a variety of high-calorie bars and shakes on the market that can really increase the amount of calories you take in. The problem with these is that they can be pretty filling, which may decrease your appetite to eat other foods. There is a great product on the market to help with this: it’s called CB-1 Weight Gainer.

Take CB-1 Weight Gainer Before Each Meal

CB-1 is an all natural weight gain pill that was created to help spark your appetite. While taking CB-1 you will be able to eat more food before feeling full and thus take in more calories. The pill also slows down your fast metabolism so that you are not burning as many of those calories you are eating. This is going to make it easier for you to take in more calories than you are burning and gain weight fast.

Always Eat Seconds and Increase Portion Size

If you want to gain weight fast, you will have to eat more. Use bigger utensils for serving your food and go for a second helping even if you may not feel up to it. Don’t stick to just one scoop; go for two, or three, or four. That extra food is going to give you the extra calories you need for gaining weight fast. CB-1 Weight Gainer will help in making this easier.

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Snack and NEVER Skip Meals

Are you getting sick of all the solutions that include eating? Believe it or not, eating more food and more often is the most efficient solution on how to gain weight fast for women. Especially for underweight women with a fast metabolism, those extra calories are going to be needed for your results. So don’t skip meals and always eat a snack or two in between meals. Skipping meals or snack time will mean you miss out on important calories needed to gain weight.

Drink High Calorie Drinks

Your stomach space is limited, so don’t waste space with a zero calorie glass of water or diet soda; use that space to put even more calories into your body. You can drink high calorie beverages like mixed juices, whole milk, chocolate milk, shakes, smoothies, soda and sports beverages. Have a large glass with each meal and drink them throughout the day.

Eat Late at Night

Weight loss diet experts are always saying not to eat after 7:00 pm if you want to lose weight, since after that time your metabolism will naturally start to slow down to get ready for bed. Since you are trying to gain weight, it makes sense that the best time to eat would be after 7:00 pm. Plan your day so that you can take in plenty of calories after 7:00 pm. Eat a late dinner and have a high-calorie late night snack.


Lift Weights

We know what you are thinking: “I don’t want those kind of curves on my body, I want to be feminine.” But did you know that muscle weighs considerably more than fat and can actually help increase your weight in places that you are hoping to get curves? Even just lifting weights a couple times a week can make a big difference in your weight gain results. Remember that the best way to build muscle is by lifting weights and not by doing cardio exercises which just burn calories.

Limit Excess Activity

Many women, especially those with children, are the type of people that are always on the go. This level of activity means they are burning calories at a higher rate constantly. When trying to gain weight, it is important to try to cut back on the frequency and duration of activity. It’s great to be active, but too much activity will burn the important calories you need for growth.

Keep a Food Log

Write down what foods you are eating, how many serving sizes you had, and the calories you ate throughout the day. This will allow you to track your calorie intake and make more informed food choices in the future. You will notice what foods have more calories and will naturally decide to eat those more often.

You CAN Do This

We know that some of you may have tried these things in the past without any promising results. The secret to your success now is that you have CB-1 Weight Gainer on your side! Following these tips in combination with CB-1 can give you just the edge you need to make a difference.

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You wanted to know how to gain weight fast for women and if you follow these recommendations you’ll find yourself eating more and getting those curves that you have always wanted.