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Six Tips to Setting Attainable Weight Gain Goals

Happy New Year from CB-1 Weight Gainer. Whether someone is looking to build muscle mass or increase curves, now is the perfect time to make a New Year’s Resolution to reach these weight gain goals. To help get the process started, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives six tips to setting and reaching attainable goals.

  1. Set a SMART weight gain goal:
    • Specific – the more targeted the goal, the more likely it will be achieved. Also determine and write down specific things to reach these targeted weight gain goals, such as what foods to eat as well as how often to eat them.
    • Measurable – Set a goal that can be measured, such as “gain 15 pounds” rather than “gain weight.”
    • Attainable – Choose a resolution that has a reachable end goal.
    • Realistic – No one knows their own situation better than themselves. Keeping in mind the factors that can affect daily weight gain, set a goal that is possible to actually accomplish, and in a healthy way. Setting up a resolution that is possible to achieve will build pride and confidence when that goal has been reached!
    • Time-related – Set up a time frame to reach resolutions, as well as different milestones along the way to measure progress effectively. Instead of having a goal to “gain weight eventually,” try setting a goal to gain a certain amount of weight by the end of the year. Then break down that goal into increments and spread them throughout the year. This creates milestones that are easier to reach and help build towards the larger goal at the end.

  2. Tell someone. Once the resolution is planned out, the goal is set; tell a trusted and supportive family member or friend about what this goal is. Support and accountability go a long way towards keeping one on track.

  3. Commit to 21 days. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so commit to milestones 21 days apart. Once a milestone has been reached, keeping that weight should become routine. Then it is time to take on the next milestone.

  4. Keep track of all progress. Recording weight from week to week is one of the best ways to keep track of overall success. It is also a good indicator if progress has stalled so that adjustments can be made to diet, schedules or routine as needed.

  5. Don’t get discouraged by comparing progress to others. The important thing is not how much weight is gained compared to other people, but that each individual is maximizing their own personal progress.

  6. Always remember why the goal was set; focusing on the reason behind the goal means a person is much more likely to stay motivated. Remember, it’s never too late to work toward the goal weight you always dreamed of!