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Three Tips for Bulking Up

Many people hit a barrier when trying to bulk up. Typically not consuming enough calories and burning too many calories causes this barrier. These three tips on how to bulk up should help a person overcome the weight gain obstacles and get back on track.

1. Choose the Right Kind of Weight Gain Shake
Many people trying to bulk up choose weight gain shakes simply because they contain a very large amount of calories in the form of protein. Protein is great as well as calories but unfortunately most of these shakes end up being so filling that the person taking it ends up skipping a meal later in the day so they don’t end up getting any extra calories throughout the day. That’s why when trying to gain weight a person should look for a weight gain shake that’s specifically designed to be a meal supplement not a meal replacement. This type of shake will be specifically designed with the right amount of protein to provide calories but not so much that it takes away the appetite. The CB-1 Weight Gain Shake is the perfect option when searching for the perfect weight gain shake.

2. Eat more and more often
A common mistake with food choice when trying to bulk up is sticking to a strictly lean protein diet. The problem is that since protein is the most filling type of calorie, you fill up quickly and don’t end up getting enough calories to store away as added weight. It is also hard to get a surplus of calories when just eating a healthy diet since it’s typically lower in calories. The best way to gain weight when sticking to proteins and a healthy diet is to eat a lot of food and to eat it frequently. The CB-1 Weight Gainer pill is perfect in this situation. It will help a person who may typically feel like they just can’t eat any more after a small meal to feel like they are hungry and be able to go back for seconds or thirds. This increase in appetite will help increase caloric intake and give the body the surplus calories it needs to store away.

3. Workout Regimen
Simply eating will not create ripped abs or the perfect “beach body”. By combining a healthy diet with the correct work out regime a person trying to gain weight can make sure the surplus of calories is stored away as muscle. To maximize this muscle development and minimize body fat, exercising, power lifting, and keeping a tracking sheet of exercises is key! When power lifting, a person wanting to bulk up should lift the heaviest weights with the specific body parts they’re looking to develop. Putting tension and stress on the body part that they’re looking to develop, the muscles will adapt and become stronger and more pronounced.

These three bulking up tips should help break the weight gain barriers that hold a person back from the gains they’re looking for.