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Three Tips for Slowing Down Metabolism

When looking at the types of people who have a hard time gaining weight, it seems that most people fall into one of two categories: those that have a weak appetite or those that have a fast metabolism. In order to help those people who have a great appetite but still want to gain weight, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives three tips for slowing down metabolism.

The first thing to do is to space out meals. When the body takes in a large amount of calories (ex. breakfast) and then takes in a second large amount of calories (ex. lunch) within a short amount of time, the body speeds up its metabolism to process the amount of calories it is taking in. To avoid speeding up the metabolism, CB-1 Weight Gainer suggests to first spread out meals by several hours; this gives the body time to digest at its normal rate.

Make sure to remember that the body burns calories even when at total rest. This means that even during sleep, the body will use the calories it stored throughout the day to keep the body’s necessary functions going (ie: blood pumping, brain working, etc.). To make sure all those extra calories didn’t go to waste, try to eat a large snack or a meal right before bed. This helps to supply the body with plenty of calories it won’t burn while sleeping to help promote weight gain.

The second tip to slowing down metabolism is to limit the amount of cardio exercises. If someone is a consistent jogger from day to day, they should try swapping that exercise time out for strength training or resistance exercises. When cardio exercises such as running or jogging are done, the body burns calories and tries to lose weight. If those exercises get switched over to resistance training, the body will stop trying to lose weight and instead will start to work to gain muscle. This will help the person stay on track to gaining weight by slowing down the metabolism.

Finally, it’s important to understand that some factors are outside the ability to control. For those with labor-intense occupations, these types of jobs can result in a faster metabolism. A fast metabolism can also come from genetics and family history, as well as a side effect from medications that are being taken. These things cannot easily be changed. As such, a final tip to help slow metabolism is to find an all natural metabolism inhibitor, such as CB-1 Weight Gainer. All natural supplements help to avoid any unwanted side effects while still providing a solution to metabolic factors out of one’s control. Some of these products are available for quick purchase and can be taken safely to help slow down the metabolism and promote healthy weight gain.