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Three Tips on How to Gain Weight on a Healthy Diet

Gaining weight on a healthy diet requires discipline and time but it is possible. CB-1 Weight Gainer offers these three tips on how to make gaining weight on a healthy diet possible with a weight gain pill.

1. Eat healthy foods that are high in calories
When people say “high-calorie foods” they mean foods high in fat and carbohydrates. This doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy foods. Some examples of healthy foods high in fats or carbohydrates include nuts, seeds and nut butters, dried fruit and fruit juices, avocadoes, whole wheat pastas, oily fish, meat, and milk, dairy and eggs. Even snack foods like potato and vegetable chips, and foods containing fructose like fruit juices can be considered “healthy” if they’re made with healthy ingredients. The best part is they are helpful in promoting weight gain. Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese because they consume too many foods like these that promote weight gain. But, for those who are struggling to gain weight, foods like these that are easy-to-consume and high in calories may be exactly what’s needed. CB-1 Weight Gainer can also help a person in consuming these foods by increasing appetite.

2. Eat more and more often
A common mistake with food choice when trying to bulk up is sticking to a strictly lean protein diet. The problem is that since protein is the most filling type of calorie, a person fills up quickly and doesn’t end up getting enough calories to store away as added weight. It is also hard to get a surplus of calories when just eating a healthy diet since it’s typically lower in calories. The best way to gain weight when sticking to proteins and a healthy diet is to eat a lot of these healthy foods and to eat it frequently. The CB-1 Weight Gainer pill is perfect in this situation. It will help a person who may typically feel like they just can’t eat any more after a small meal to feel like they are hungry and be able to go back for seconds or thirds. This increase in appetite will help increase caloric intake and give the body the surplus calories it needs to store away.

3. Drink calories
Stomach space is limited, so it’s important to fill it with calories when possible. So when trying to gain weight it is important to drink beverages that contain a lot of calories such as fruit juice, whole milk, chocolate milk, ice cream shakes, fruit smoothies, soda, and sports beverages. Have a large glass with each meal and throughout the day.

These three weight gaining tips will help someone who is trying to gain weight get the surplus calories they need to make gains even while on a healthy diet.