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Three Tips on Making Holiday Calories Count

Since so many seasonal high-calorie foods are readily available; the last few months of the year can be a crucial time for those who want to gain weight. To assist in taking advantage of this delectable time of year and getting the most out of every meal, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives three tips on making holiday calories count.

First Tip: Condiments/Toppings
Yummy treats like hot chocolate or pumpkin pie are great choices for consuming calories but can be even more deliciously calorie-enriched by adding toppings. Try putting whipped cream on a slice of pumpkin pie or adding marshmallows to hot chocolate. Some high calorie additions worth trying as additions to meals are things like cheeses, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado; don't forget the salad dressings. Salad dressings are a tasty topper and are both creamy and packed with calories. Each topping, dressing or condiment helps add plenty of calories to maximize holiday weight gain.

Next: Add Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are what a body needs for instant energy. Carb-enriched foods are typically less filling and higher in calories. Choosing foods high in sugars, starches and cellulose (carbs) for each meal can boost calorie intake. Examples could include adding bananas and cereals to breakfast, or adding potatoes and rice to lunch or dinner. Bread is also a great source of carbohydrates so instead of eating a plain chicken breast or pork chop, try turning it into a sandwich or adding homemade dinner rolls to your menu.

Finally: Don’t Forget Leftovers
When working to gain weight it is important to eat until feeling full; so instead of making a small portion of food and finishing it all, it is much more effective to make a big portion, eat until full, and then save some for leftovers. Leftovers are great because they can serve as a delicious pre-made snack or even a second meal. By taking advantage of leftovers a person can be fully prepared for when hunger strikes, even if it happens during the late hours of the night.