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Three Tips to Gain Weight This Spring

It’s almost Spring-time which means time for sunny days and warmer weather! With Spring just around the corner, many people are making concerted efforts to really start gaining weight before summer swimsuit season arrives. To help with that weight gain process, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives three tips to gain weight this Spring. Both men and women are looking for answers on how to gain weight.

Eat Plenty of Carbs
Since Spring is the time when people start becoming more active, it’s important to make sure to eat smart and get the most out of meals. Carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram and are the least filling types of calories; CB-1 Weight Gainer recommends focusing on a high-carbohydrate diet. Great foods to indulge in could be pastas, cereals, breads, corn and potatoes; there are so many delicious carb-rich foods to choose from. For more information on carbohydrate-rich foods and the impact they have in a weight gaining diet, refer to the CB-1 Weight Gain Guidebook.

Limit Cardio
With the sun shining bright and the temperatures rising, it’s easy to want to get out and run. While still enjoying the sunny days, CB-1 Weight Gainer recommends limiting cardio exercises. While certainly being healthy, too much running, jogging, cycling, sprinting, etc. can burn off too many calories and make it harder to gain weight. Instead, try focusing on more resistant exercises such as lunges or sit-ups. These exercises can still be done outside where the sunshine can be enjoyed!

Eat 3 Meals Every Day
While limiting cardio and focusing on a carb-rich diet is great, don’t forget the basics. Making sure to eat 3 large meals every day is one of the most simple but highly effective ways to gain weight. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are essential in the weight gain process. Make sure to line up meals with a large entrée and several side dishes to really maximize caloric intake. And if you can fit in a high calorie snack in between, all the better!