Supragenix Adds New Ingredients to CB-1 Weight Gainer to Make it an Even More Effective Weight Gain Pill


CB-1 Weight Gainer, the most effective weight gain pill on the market, has a new formula that will go out to customers today. This new formula improves the pill’s already highly effective results in helping people gain weight fast.


Orem, Utah (PRWEB) March 28, 2012-Supragenix will start sending out its new and improved formula of CB-1 Weight Gainer today. This new formula will allow CB-1 users to gain weight faster and easier than ever before by strengthening the weight gain pill's ingredients.

“I’m excited for CB-1 users to start seeing the amazing results of this new formula and future formulas. We will continue to improve CB-1 Weight Gainer to hold its title as the best weight gain product available,” says Travis Alvord, the CEO and founder of Supragenix.

There were two main additions made to create this new formula. First, a special antioxidant blend was added that reduces oxidization of the ingredients and therefore produces longer shelf life and more potency in the already present ingredients. Also a new species of the already present plant extracts were added to strengthen the effects of the pill and help CB-1 users gain weight fast.

There have been two past improvements of the CB-1 Weight Gainer formula, so this new ingredient addition with be the third improvement of the formula. Supragenix made each of these formula changes to strengthen the ingredient’s effects on boosting appetite and slowing down the metabolism. Each revision process has seen positive results in fast weight gain and customer feedback from tens of thousands of satisfied customers using its weight gain pills.

The CEO of Supragenix says he will continue to invest their resources into improving the CB-1 Weight Gainer formula and they already discovered and initiated development of new improvements for the next formula release.

CB-1 Weight Gainer contains a number of naturally occurring substances called isobutylamides that are derived from two different kinds of a plant known as the "purple coneflower." These ingredients are what stimulate appetite, slow down the metabolism and promote the overall weight gain in people who take CB-1 Weight Gainer.

About Supragenix
Supragenix ( was founded in 2010 and has helped thousands of users reach and maintain their goal weight through their weight gain pill called CB-1 Weight Gainer. CB-1 is an is an all-natural weight gain pill designed to increase appetite and slow down the metabolism so users can get the extra calories they need to gain weight fast.

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