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CB-1 Weight Gainer Releases Nationwide Commercial to Spread the Word about its Effective Weight Gain Pill

CB-1 Weight Gainer Releases Nationwide Commercial to Spread the Word about its Effective Weight Gain Pill


OREM, UTAH- May 9, 2012-Supragenix will release its very first CB-1 Weight Gainer commercial this week. The two minute commercial will show across America and expand the company’s message that their weight gain pill is a safe solution for being too skinny and an effective way to gain weight fast.

There will also be a one minute version of the commercial. Each version gives the basics of how CB-1 Weight Gainer works and demonstrates the success of real customers of the weight gain pill with their before and after pictures. There is also video footage of a CB-1 Weight Gainer customer named Misty who shows off her new curves obtained by taking the weight gain pill. The two minute commercial will show more before and after pictures and will go into more details of how CB-1 Weight Gainer increases appetite and slows metabolism.

“We have already seen a huge growth in sales of our CB-1 Weight Gainer product and we’re excited for this commercial to spread the word that there is a product that helps people effectively gain weight fast. We love that CB-1 Weight Gainer has quickly become the go-to product for people who have struggled with weight gain their whole lives and this commercial will help us hold tight onto that claim,” says Jonathan Steers, the COO of Supragenix.

Viewers across the nation will see the commercials on multiple national cable stations at various times of the days. Some of the largest cable stations that will release the commercials are MTV, Spike, Comedy Central, ESPN and many more.

Supragenix will continue work on further renditions of their commercials which will include more testimonial videos and reviews from real CB-1 Weight Gainer customers.

Check out the two minute commercial here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4503e6DSLo4

About Supragenix
Supragenix (www.cb1weightgainer.com) was founded in 2010 and has helped thousands of users reach and maintain their goal weight through their weight gain pill called CB-1 Weight Gainer. CB-1 is an is an all-natural weight gain pill designed to increase appetite and slow down the metabolism so users can get the extra calories they need to gain weight fast.

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Jonathan Steers