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The makers of the weight gain pill called CB-1 Weight Gainer created an entire weight gain product line called the CB-1 Weight Gain System. The system includes four parts: the 24-page Weight Gain Guidebook, the Weight Gain Support Multivitamin, The Weight Gain Shake and their very successful CB-1 Weight Gainer pill.

“By itself, our CB-1 Weight Gainer has helped hundreds of thousands of people to successfully gain weight,” says CEO of CB-1 Weight Gainer, Travis Alvord. “Now, by adding the guidebook, multivitamin and shake to the already successful weight gain pill and creating this Weight Gain System, we are confident that our customers will see quicker and more successful results.”

Each weight gain product in the Weight Gain System is designed to address the common pitfalls that men or women who struggle to gain weight may encounter. The guidebook is designed to educate and teach people about weight gain, calories and the system products. The vitamin helps provide the vitamins and minerals the body needs as it is increasing in body mass as well as provide zinc and iron that are essential for a healthy appetite. The shake provides the extra calories a person needs to gain weight with the highest quality ingredients like micronized creatine monohydrate and whey protein. The weight gain pill is designed to increase appetite and slow metabolism.

Customers can order all the products in the system together or separately by calling 888-528-5551.

About Supragenix
Supragenix ( was founded in 2010 and has helped thousands of users reach and maintain their goal weight through their weight gain pill called CB-1 Weight Gainer. CB-1 is an is an all-natural weight gain pill designed to increase appetite and slow down the metabolism so users can get the extra calories they need to gain weight fast.

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