CB-1 Weight Gainer
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CB-1 Success Stories

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The following experiences are specific to the individuals detailed below. Your experience of this product may vary. Results featured may not be typical.

Braden, gained 18 pounds

I've played sports all of my life, and been very active in the weight room since I was in the sixth grade! Well, I get to high school level football in 6A and competed really well at 168lbs. I worked my tail off in the weight room to try to get bigger and took several different mass gainers and protein to try to gain. Then I realized that the reason I was gaining enough weight was because I wasn't eating enough food.

I started taking CB-1 and noticed a dramatic improvement in my appetite. I also started seeing the results in about 2 weeks. That was because I was taking in enough calories to compound my high metabolism. I went from 168lbs to about 186lbs in 6 weeks! Now I am ready to compete at the next level of football thanks to CB-1!*


Derrick, gained 27 pounds

Hello my name is Derrick Foreman before I started CB-1 Weight Gainer my weight was 160lbs. After 2 months of using CB-1 my weight increased to 188lbs. CB-1 is a great product, it gave me more stamina to lift weights longer, run longer, and it increased my appetite; which resulted in improving my performance as a collegiate athlete. Thanks CB-1!*


Aaron G., gained 50 pounds, age 30

Hey there, my name is Aaron. I just wanted to let you all know I've used CB-1 to help me gain weight, and stacked it with creatine and a protein weight gainer. I packed on over 50 pounds! I am a personal trainer and I will definitly recommend CB-1 to future clients.*

–Aaron G.

Ren S., gained 18 pounds, age 23

I was always a small kid and when I was younger people would pick on me for being so skinny. In the eighth grade I took weight training and I've continued to lift all these years (I'm 23 now). I reached 195 lbs. when I was 19 BUT I remained stuck there until I turned 22 and I discovered CB-1 Weight Gainer. I read about it and decided to give it a try. By the end of the first month I hit 204 lbs. so I continued taking it another month and I reached 213 lbs... I recommend this product!*

–Ren S.

Potae K., gained 30 pounds, age 30

I've always been very skinny. I am 5' 10" and I weighed 120 lbs. Many times I tried to eat more on my own but I couldn't. I found CB-1 and tried it. CB-1 makes me hungry! I used to eat only 2 times a day. I now can eat more than 4 times a day. After taking CB-1 just 2 months I've gained 30 lbs. Everybody sees the difference and thinks that I look better than before. I've already reordered CB-1. I'm planning on gaining another 40 pounds. Thanks CB-1.*

–Potae K.

Shavkat S., gained 24 pounds, age 36

CB-1 makes you hungry as a wolf! I'm very, very happy that I found CB-1 Weight Gainer. It does wonders. Before using CB-1 I tried several things to gain weight. But everything failed. When I bought CB-1 I was skeptical. I've never been over 130 lbs. By taking CB-1 I increased my weight to 154 lbs in 2 months. My family members and friends were astonished at my success. I've never been so happy like I am now. Thanks again CB-1!*

–Shavkat S.

Frank H., gained 27 pounds, age 20

I am a college student who was looking to add muscle to my body. I looked into power lifting and wanted to compete in the 242 lbs weight class. I started at 205 lbs. I was not very strong at the time and not satisfied with my look. After taking CB-1, I gained 32 lbs in 2 months. CB-1 Weight Gainer is the best weight gainer ever! I will definitely look into purchasing this product again in the near future.*

–Frank H.

Dillan, gained 20 pounds, age 20

My name is Dillan, I'm 20 years old and 6 feet tall. In this pic I weighed 155, I struggled trying to gain weight, got tired of lookin like a bone closet so I researched and found this weight gainer called CB-1. In two months I made it to a rock-hard-not-fat 175. I look better and feel better in the gym. I recommend you try CB-1 unless you wanna look like a skeleton the rest of your life.*


Cody L., gained 65 pounds, age 26

Before I started taking CB-1 I weighed 165 lbs! I felt that I worked out very hard but I wasn't gaining muscle or weight like I had wanted to. I heard about this product and thought I would give it a try and the outcome of taking this product is exactly what I wanted and had been looking for. I gained 65 pounds in 5 months. CB-1 Weight Gainer is by far the best product I have ever used. Thank you CB-1.*

–Cody L.

Nehemiah, gained 36 pounds

I'm a disabled military veteran that lost over 20 lbs when I had my accident. Two years passed and I couldn't gain any weight. I actually lost more weight. I ate everything in front of me and felt like I spent my life in the gym but saw no changes. Then my girlfriend told me about CB-1 after she saw an old high school friend for the first time at their class reunion. She said he used to be smaller then me. He told her that he's been taking CB-1 and it helped him gain weight. She showed me a before and after picture of him and I was amazed. I decided this was going to be my last try at gaining weight and if this doesn't work I'm giving up.

I'm glad I tried it. This has been the only thing that worked for me in over two years. I tried supplements and other weight gainers, but nothing compared to the amount of weight I have gain with CB-1. Within three months I went from 117 to 153. Sometimes I still can't believe it when I get on the scale. Even my friends ask what's my secret and I'm proud to say CB-1. There's nothing like it.*


Jaron, gained 22 pounds, age 19

My name is Jaron and I am 19 years old, 5' 11" and have been the same size since I was 16. I was always a pretty skinny guy and I said to myself 'I want to be muscular.' So when I started college, I started going to the gym in a futile attempt at putting on some muscle, All I succeeded in doing was becoming lean, but I wanted to be big. I was drinking protein shakes and eating lots of food, but I suffered from an extremely fast metabolism. I finally saw the ad on Google for CB-1 Weight Gainer and I was immediately ready to give it a try. I have to thank CB-1 because I was able to put on 22 pounds of muscle in only 4 months. These pills have changed my eating habits from only eating certain foods to eating everything and instilling a new sense of confidence in myself. Thank you CB-1.*


Daveleen, gained 26 pounds

Gaining weight was difficult! I tried everything from Whey Protein to Ensure and just plain increasing my caloric intake, but it only got me as far as the picture on the left. I mean don't get me wrong I was in excellent shape and felt great, however I weighed about 170 lbs. and gaining more mass was my biggest obstacle. When I first discovered CB-1, a pill that actually helps gain weight, I was skeptical but for the price & money back guarantee I decided to give CB-1 a try.

Within 2 weeks of being on CB-1 faithfully, I started to notice a change in my appetite. I was eating more than 3 square meals a day with room for dessert, and I love dessert! Within 5 weeks, I weighed about 185 lbs. and my strength training and endurance workouts increased tremendously.

Now, I am officially 196 lbs.! CB-1 has helped me reach my desired weight. I hope that my story can inspire any and everyone who is having the same problem with weight gain to give CB-1 a try, because you definitely get results.*


Brian B., gained 25 pounds, age 25

Before CB-1 I was 165lbs and could not eat enough to gain any weight. I've tried high calorie shakes and weight gainers. Nothing showed me any permanent results. As a kid I was always skinny and very athletic. I've struggled for so long to break free from that strain. I searched the web and stumbled across the CB-1 website.

Since I started using CB-1 I've gained 25lbs of mass and muscle. My appetite has increased tremendously. I've increased my calories to over 3000 a day. My weight is currently 190lbs in only 2 months of taking the product. Thanks for the product. I've recommended it to my friends.*

–Brian B.

AJ, gained 16 pounds

Hi my name is AJ and I have been taking CB-1 Weight Gainer for over 3 weeks now and let me just say this stuff really works. I went from 199 lbs. to 215 lbs. I eat a lot more than ever. I'm training in MMA fighting and some of the guys that I train with have 25 to 50 lbs. on me. My ultimate goal is to be 250 lbs. Thank you CB-1!*


Alex E., gained 22 pounds

My name is Alex Earney. I suffered from an extremely fast metabolism my whole life. I was always picked on for being skinny and underweight, even at 25. I decided I was going to try CB-1 Weight Gainer. The first month I started seeing some weight gain on the scale. I was really happy it was working, so I ordered my next month. Fast forward about a year...I have gotten a lot of compliments from people who knew me before taking the pills and going to the gym. They have all noticed the difference. I have put on 22 lbs. and still gaining. I am finally happy with looking at myself in the mirror. My confidence has gone up tremendously.*

–Alex E.

Chris, gained 17 pounds

For years, literally years, I have been stuck with the body of an ectomorph, and could not gain weight. No matter what I ate, no matter what supplement or weight gainer I used, I could not put on healthy or "good" weight. Finally, CB-1 worked. I was 180 lbs. and topped out at 205 lbs. I have evened out at 197 lbs. and I couldn't be happier. It was nice that none of my pants fit for once.*


Davonte, gained 25 pounds

I started taking CB-1 in August when I was 165 lbs. at 6'1". My eating habits improved immensely and I started eating three meals a day, which I was never able to do before. I've gained about 25 lbs. from August to December. I went to the gym at least three times a week and I noticed constant muscle gain since August. It was worth every penny. Any person that is looking for a life changing product, look no further! I was looking to go up to 200 lbs. later down the road and I will use CB-1 again.*


John K., gained 30 pounds

All my life I have struggled in my efforts to gain weight. No matter how hard I exercised by lifting weights, bulking up was never a reality due to my lack of appetite. I’d consistently go days skipping meals simply because I physically couldn't stomach it. Finally, I decided to get serious and look for options. Upon stumbling across CB-1, like most people, I was a little skeptical. However, after reading the good reviews, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. After the first week, I could tell I had gained a severe appetite. In 4.5 months, I went from 145 lbs. to 175 lbs. My friends, family, and coworkers have all noticed this exciting achievement. I’m now lifting more in the gym and results are showing better than ever. CB-1 has not only given me a boost in weight, but in confidence as well.*

–John K.

Pat B., gained 15 pounds

I've struggled to break 150 pounds my whole life until I saw a commercial for CB-1. Once I started taking CB-1, I saw results within that first week. Then, within a month I shot up to 165 pounds and still growing. I'm now modeling in New York. I want to show all the non believers that CB-1 really works and I am living proof.*

–Pat B.

Tom R., gained 16 pounds

CB-1 works, I can eat seven to eight meals in one day. I have gone up 16 pounds in the past three months. I believe in this product and I believe in the research bend it. I like about it is that I wasn't starving all day, basically I just never got full. It's a great product.*

–Tom R.

Yakov, gained 32 pounds

I had prepared a bad piece of steak for my meal which sent me to the emergency room with a stomach virus. When I got home and weighed myself, I couldn't believe what I saw. I was 128 pounds. Imediately I knew something had to change. I googled 'weight gaining pills' and CB-1 popped up right away and I was drawn to it like it was calling my name. I looked at the website for a few minutes and ordered it. All my life I had a serious problem gaining weight. I would eat close to 3500 calories a day and not gain anything. I used CB-1 for about a month and my weight went up DAILY! I was shocked!

Within 2 weeks of using CB-1 it felt like all my jeans shrunk on me! That was the first time in my life I saw my weight go up. I surpassed my goal of 155 and got to 160 and gave the rest of CB-1 to my friends and their weight went up also. CB-1 is magic, I've told all my friends who are struggling to gain weight about CB-1. For the ones who are reading this that have doubt and think that CB-1 is a scam you are really just wasting your time. Stop doubting, order it now and accomplish what you thought was impossible.*


We're sure you'll love CB-1® Weight Gainer, that's why each order is backed by a full 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

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