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The Weight Gain Shake

The Supragenix® Weight Gain Shake is a delicious chocolate drink mix designed to give you the extra calories you need to gain weight fast. This delicious snack comes packed with ingredients and vitamins proven to increase body weight such as high-quality whey protein and micronized creatine monohydrate.

Paired with our clinically proven CB-1® Weight Gainer, the Weight Gain Shake provides the perfect combination of increased calories for reaching your goal weight.

Recommended Usage: Mix two full scoops of the Supragenix® Weight Gain Shake with 12oz of whole milk (or your favorite substitute) and blend. Consume 1-2 times daily or whenever you need a quick caloric boost.


Unlike most shakes designed to help you gain weight, the Supragenix® Weight Gain Shake has been optimized to contain just the right amount of protein to help you maintain a healthy appetite. This way you’ll get all the calories you need, but you’ll still be hungry enough to eat your meals! The Supragenix® Weight Gain Shake is a tasty and convenient gluten-free calorie boost option that provides a savory 510 calories for your on-the-go weight gain needs.

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We're sure you'll love CB-1® Weight Gainer, that's why each order is backed by a full 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

You have nothing to lose, only weight to gain!