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The Truth About Lunges: 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lunges

Lunges - they look weird from afar, almost imitating a stationary stepping action. Most folks that don't fully understand the benefit of lunges think that they're only good for stretching, but in reality, lunges are the queen of exercises for women, and in this post, we'll be showing you why.

Whether your mission is to slip back into those skinny jeans when summer comes around again, or you're aiming for increased balance and mobility, lunges can help you achieve your target.

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What Areas of the Body Do Lunges Tackle?

Most women make lunges to help target their bottoms as well as their legs. Since lunges work the quadriceps and involve the use of additional muscles like the glutes, calves, core, and hamstring muscles, they're super effective for toning and sculpting your lower body, as can be seen in this study.

Why You Need to Make More Lunges

Lunges can be made in addition to your existing daily routine, and better yet, they can be done just about anywhere. Lunges are some of the most beneficial exercises around. Lunges are perfect for achieving that dream body that every young woman dreams of.

You don't need any equipment to do lunges since they are body-weight exercises that rely on your body's weight for resistance training.

Lunges target multiple muscles in the lower body, but they also work abdominal and lower back muscles, which may help stabilize your core and improve your balance. Because lunges focus on unilateral training - where one leg is worked independently of the other - lunges may help improve your coordination and balance, rather than just focusing on strength training when both legs are being worked at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Lunges for Women?

Vital for toning the lower body, it seems pretty obvious that lunges can help tone your bottom and your legs, but here are nine other, seriously amazing benefits of lunges for women:

  1. They'll Help You Build Muscle

    Lunges can help you increase strength in your legs and help build lean muscle mass in the calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Lunges also strengthen the core muscles, which are essential for balance and stability. By regularly doing lunges, you'll be trimming down excess fat in your lower body and sculpting a leaner, stronger body in the long run.

  2. They Might Help Keep Your Brain Fit Too

    While techniques such as dry fasting might be ideal to help you recover from injuries or keep your mental health in check, simple exercises, such as humble lunges, may also be able to help keep your mind in tip-top shape.

    According to Reda Elmardi from, a link between the strength in an average person's legs and the way in which their brain ages has been uncovered. This just goes to show that simple lifestyle changing (i.e., implementing lunges into your daily workout routine) can help keep you physically and mentally healthy.

  3. Lunges Help Increase Symmetry

    By doing lunges on a regular basis, you might be able to even out muscular imbalances within your body. If you have one leg that's weaker than the other, it can be even out the deficit by doing more lunges on that side. Lunges can be especially helpful for people that suffered sports injuries earlier on in their lives who are looking for ways to improve the strength of one of their legs.

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  5. They Might Improve Balance

    As far as balance development goes, lunges are pretty awesome since they focus on unilateral training.

    Unilateral training exercises are done with one leg at a time, which forces you to shift your balance, training and improving it in the process. In essence, lunges train our proprioceptors, the parts in our bodies that react to the shift of weight and position changes in our bodies, causing us to balance ourselves out. By improving your balance, you'll be investing in your overall health and avoiding balance-related injuries later on in life.

  6. Lunges Increase Flexibility

    Since lunges mimic the natural motion of walking, you can train your legs to become stronger over time so that actions such as walking up and down a flight of stairs become much less tiring for your body.

    You see, lunges help promote flexibility, more specifically the functioning of your hip flexors. In the long run, improved flexibility leads to a better range of motion and cuts own on our risk of developing hip problems later on in life.

  7. Lunging Can Improve Spinal Health

    As we age, it's only natural for out spinal health to take a few knocks along the line, but you can cut down on the risk factor by regularly doing lunges. When you do lunges, there's a process that happens which is referred to as spinal de-loading.

    While weighted exercises and squatting might add load to your spine and compress the spins, lunges can help counteract that and decompress the spins. When spinal de-loading occurs, it may help improve flexibility and get rid of any pain within the spine, making lunges an excellent exercise for individuals that often battle with back pain.

  8. Lunges Tone and Tighten the Buttocks

    Most women have issues with their butts, which is why lunges are so amazing for women. Lunges don't only focus on strengthening the butt; they also help tone it up and give it a well-rounded look. Although a lot of women spend hours in the gym doing squats to tone their behinds, lunges might be much more efficient at strengthening and toning your butt.

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  10. Regular Lunges Can Help Improve Coordination

    Because lunges target quite a few muscle groups simultaneously, they can greatly help improve muscular coordination because they force you to lunge with one leg, balance yourself with the other leg, and use your core and back muscles to keep you in an upright position.

    When you work on improving your muscular coordination, you're essentially investing in good health of your future since you need good coordination to do necessary activities such as running and walking.

  11. You Might Be Able to Lunge Your Way to Better Self-Confidence

    This seems a little far-fetched, but here's how it works: When we exercise, our brain released feel-good hormones like endocannabinoids and serotonin, all of which work together to help boost your mood. So when we work out, we feel less stressed and happier with life in general.

    This means that by regularly doing lunges, you'll have an excellent way of dealing with the everyday stressors of life, oh, and you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment as well. Not only will lunges make you a happier person due to the brain chemicals released during exercise, but they'll also help you feel elated about the fact that you're sculpting the best lower body you've ever had too!

The Wrap-Up

It's pretty clear to see that an exercise as simple as lunges holds an abundance of amazing benefits for women. They help with the improvement of balance, the building of stronger muscles, the sculpting of butts across the world, and your overall balance. The benefits of lunges for women are far too great to ignore.

If you don't make lunges as part of your regular workout routine (at home or the gym), then it's time to get with the program and start reaping all the amazing benefits that they bring with them.

It's simple, cheap, and super easy to do, plus you'll be able to do them just about anywhere.

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