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Five Strategies for Successful Gain Weight Programs

Anyone who has ever tried to gain weight can tell you that packing on the pounds can be a daunting task. You have to know where to start, when to plan meals, and how to get the best results…all of which can seem like a lot of work. If you are stuck in this process or need to know where to start on your weight gain journey, CB-1 Weight Gainer gives five strategies for the most successful gain weight programs.

color coordinated foods

Be Color-Coordinated

Turn your food into more than “just another calorie-cram” by being mindful and artistic with plating. Simply matching foods with a plate of similar color (like putting dark foods on dark plates and lighter, colorful foods on light, colorful plates) can actually help you eat more. Seriously! Not only is this fun and keeps gain weight programs entertaining, studies have shown that people will generally consume more calories when their food matches the plate. That’s right…just by being creatively color-coordinated you can get more calories out of your meals which means more weight gain for you!

Eat Picnic Style

high calorie meal

Traditionally, food is served in courses. When you’re working to gain weight, that unnecessary time in between sittings could lead to distractions or to leaving the table before you’re full. We recommend, instead, bringing all of the food out to the table like a picnic or a feast. This way all the food is immediately available and once your first plate is finished you can move immediately into your second (or third) helping. This lets you truly enjoy the food that you prepared while increasing the amount of calories taken in during your meal time.

Make Snacks Accessible

While planned meals are an important part of all gain weight programs, an often overlooked necessity is snacks. Snacks typically won’t fill you up but they are a great way to consume extra delicious calories. Make sure to always have easy to eat treats on hand wherever you are. Keep high calorie snacks at work, in the car, in a purse or bag, and always visible while at home. For some simple on-the-go calories, try taking some fruit juice boxes or a convenient high calorie shake. Having these types of accessible snacks within arm’s reach will help turn them into a regular part of your weight gain program. Snacks may not seem like much at the time but consistent snacking throughout the day can really add up. Remember: more calories today means more calories for your week and more pounds on the scale!

Enjoy a Night Out

Take your weight gain program out on the town with a date or friends and family for a fun night out at a new restaurant in your area or a quiet relaxing bistro. Psychologically, seeing other people eat can encourage you to eat more too…plus, you don’t have to do the dishes! Also, restaurant foods tend to come in bigger portions which mean more calories to help you gain weight. It’s easy to continue the fun and conversation by adding in some tasty new drinks like a specialty soda or a house signature drink; these often provide a significant source of calories. And who could forget the best part of going out…yummy desserts! Whether keeping it all for yourself or getting something for everyone to share, desserts are a delicious way to end your night out.

Two people eating at restaurant

Food, friends and fun…there’s no better reason to get out and eat up!

The Later, the Better

Research has shown that as the sun goes down, so does your body’s metabolism. Since the metabolism is what your body uses to burn off calories, it is clear that the best time to eat in all gain weight programs is when your metabolism is slow. Take advantage of this useful time by planning meals and snacks as late in your day as possible. Eat lunch in the late afternoon and dinner right before bed. Staying up late? Pack in a midnight snack for that last little burst of calories to help you gain weight.

Gaining weight doesn’t have to be a chore. Knowing the ‘where’s, ‘when’s, and ‘how’s of successful gain weight programs will help you get the best results.

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