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12 Myths about Weight Gain Pills

In the world of supplements, protein shakes and powder mixes have been around for years. If you’ve ever tried to gain weight, you’ve probably tried one or two of them and have found that shakes and powder mixes can be time consuming, taste unappealing, or they may simply not be the right supplement for you. But now a relative newcomer has entered the scene in the form of pills to gain weight and they are quickly becoming popular with people looking to pack on a few pounds.

weight gain pills, pills to gain weight, gain weight pills, weight gainers, weight gain supplements, cb1 weight gainer As weight gain pills become more common in the marketplace, myths about these pills are circulating that might have you questioning their convenience and effectiveness. We at CB-1 Weight Gainer know your struggle is real and we’re here to debunk some of the most commonly believed myths about weight gain pills.

  1. Nobody needs weight gain pills. MYTH!
    • If you are reading this article, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re looking for ways to gain weight. But did you know that you’re not alone and that about 2% of the population in the United States is still medically recognized as being underweight? Some say that 2% isn’t a lot, but it actually comes out to around 4.8 million people that struggle to gain weight. When you add the people that are recovering from illnesses, injuries, or people that just want to feel more confident with their body, that number goes a lot higher!

  2. Weight gain pills don’t work. MYTH!
    • Every product is different. While there are sure to be a few fake products out there, we recommend always looking for supplements that are backed by science. Clinically tested and proven weight gain pills are great examples because the scientific process has shown that they really work! It’s not just “their” word for it; it is backed by studies and research.

  3. Weight gain pills are just placebos (sugar pills). MYTH!
    • While you may not understand the technical terms for different ingredients listed on a supplement’s label, you can do your homework. For example, Echinacea is a widely used ingredient with many applications because different parts of it can do different things. Two of the roots of the Echinacea plant, purpurea and angustifolia, have been scientifically shown to promote weight gain.

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  5. To gain weight you just need to eat more food. MYTH!
    • This is one of the most commonly believed myths that we hear every day. Imagine your body is a bucket and you are trying to pour water into that bucket (i.e., gaining weight). However, there is a hole in the bottom of your bucket and the water keeps leaking out. Frustrating, right? You can keep pouring more and more in but the hole is still there, so anything you put in keeps draining out. This is the same thing that happens when you have a fast metabolism – it doesn’t matter how many calories you eat, your body is burning them so fast that you aren’t seeing your weight go up. This is exactly what the right weight gain pills can help you with – to help plug up the hole in your bucket.

  6. Weight gain shakes/powders are better. MYTH!
    • Weight gain shakes usually offer a totally different effect than weight gain pills. For example: gain weight pills offer increased appetite and slower metabolism while weight gainer shakes, on the other hand, usually offer a one-time boost of calories. Although additional calories are great for weight gain, these shakes and powders are not a perfect fit for people with a fast metabolism (remember the bucket example?).

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  8. Weight gain pills are too expensive. MYTH!
    • If you are taking powders and shakes, working with expensive personal trainers and gym memberships but you still aren’t gaining any weight, you’ll realize that you are just throwing your money out the window. When you add up the total cost of all those methods that aren’t working, you’ll find that pills to gain weight usually run for a fraction of the price and can slow down your metabolism enough to let you actually start gaining weight on your normal diet. And here is a pro tip – Always look for a supplement company that offers you a money back guarantee. That way you know that your money isn’t at risk…you can try the weight gain supplement and safely get your money back if you feel you don’t like it.

  9. Weight gain supplements aren’t safe. MYTH!
    • This goes back to research. Not only should you check out the effectiveness and purpose of the ingredients in a product, you should check the safety of those ingredients too. Not all products are created equal and some products may contain ineffective or even harmful ingredients; particularly those that make use of drugs, steroids, or any synthetic substances. Try to find a product that offers only all-natural ingredients so that you can be comfortable and confident with what you are putting in your body.

  10. Weight gain pills are addictive. MYTH!
    • Most addictive substances found in pills are typically found in prescription-strength drugs or medications, not supplements. With natural and herbal dietary supplements, you should not have to worry about becoming addicted. Any weight gain pills that you take should make use of natural, herbal ingredients that are non-addictive.

  11. Weight gain pills will make you fat. MYTH!
    • This is simply not true. You will always be in control of your weight gain. If you’re starting out underweight and you set your goal to gain 20 pounds, you should have no problem slowing or stopping your weight gain once you’ve hit your goal. Pro-tip: Targeted resistance training with the body parts you want to bulk can help you see the best results.

  12. The pill will do all the work, so I don’t need to eat. MYTH!
    • While some of the effects that gain weight pills provide may seem incredible, there is no such thing as a magic pill. Underweight people often have a combination of a fast metabolism and a weak appetite and it is generally not possible for a pill to contain enough calories to help you gain weight all on its own. The right weight gain pill will always recommend for you to eat regular planned meals, at least three a day, as well as snacks and extra healthy calories.

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  14. You only need to take weight gain pills occasionally. MYTH!
    • Like we said before, there really is no such thing as a “magic pill.” When you want something, you have to commit. A good weight gain supplement will come with recommended daily dosages, meal plans and exercise plans. It will be a whole program and not a “when you feel like it” set up. Pills to gain weight are designed to build up in your body over time, adding your dedication and commitment to the scientifically proven effects of the pills. If you are skipping doses, meals, or are not committed to your goal, you’re probably not going to gain the weight you want and need to gain.

  15. Weight gain pills are too good to be true. MYTH!
    • Contrary to popular belief, if something sounds too good to be true…that doesn’t stop it from being true. After all, somebody once thought that flying to the moon sounded too good to be true and now look where we are. Gain weight pills are just another new and exciting scientific breakthrough that has already helped thousands of people successfully reach their goals.

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